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      Our near 30 years of experience quarantees the seller a clean, courteous & respectful handling of the items in your home or workplace that are to be sold at auction. If you are in need of an auction company to settle an estate or just size down a bit, why not consider our company to handle this task for you. Our vast knowledge about antiques makes this the best place to sell your treasures. Give us a call today at: 1-607-849-6305. We're here to answer your call. If we are out, please leave us a message!

Marathon Auction Sales

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“Estate of the Late Ed Nichols of Killawog, NY -Milk Bottles & Related, Bottles, Fruit Jars & Paperweights”
SATURDAY - SEPT. 9- 11:00 AM
Location: 984 Cortland St. Exit 9 (I-81) Rt11. N Marathon, New York
For Photos See our web pages or Click HERE: (id#3885) or Marathon Auction Sales brings to you the Estate of the late Ed Nichols of Killawog, NY. Just before the Madison-Bouckville Antiques Show we offered the first section of Ed’s Estate. We will follow now with his extensive Bottle & related auction. Ed was an avid collector of Bottles of all sorts. This auction features his collection. Please see our web pages above for a break down of his collection. Please note also that this break down will not be complete. Expect Surprises as we prepare this collection for auction. A few selected additions have been added to this collection. Hope to see you there! 

Milk Bottles & Related:

Rare H. D. T. & Co. Potsdam, NY (Thatcher) w/ Embossed Cow “The Milk Protector” (The First Glass Milk Bottle)

100 Year Anniversary Bottle for the Glass Milk Bottle Industry

New York State Milk Bottles:

Auburn, NY Dairies (Bisgrove, Golden Guernsey Hemingway Farms, Campbell‘s)
Binghamton, NY Dairies (L. W. Jones, Nichols Milk Co., H. J. Nichols Pleasant View Farms, Hotaling Dairy Co., Colan & Murphy, Haskell, Hazard Lewis, Lawrence Bros., Pine Grove, H. E. Ellsworth & Sons, Cloverdale, Deyo Farms, Deyo Certified Milk Co., Deyo Brothers Certified Milk, Deyo Milk Co. Albert Smith, Beall Bros., Stone Farm-G T Stone)
Buffalo: (Hoeflers Dairy , O. Miller Inc.)
Barneveld, NY Dairies (Craeg Manor Farms)
Brooktondale: (Beaverbrook)
Brookfield Baby Face
Blossvale, NY Dairies( Harvale Farms)
Cincinnatus, NY Dairy (Reid’s Union Dairy)
Cortland, NY Dairies (Crocker Farms, Bills Brothers, Artic Ice Cream, Abdallah, Goodale, Quinland, Semeran, Cosmos Hill, A. M. Park, Rothnburgh’s, Midland, Harry Johnson, A. E. Gibson - Pure Milk)
Camillus, NY Dairies (A. Raichlin- Tuberculin Tested)
Canandaigua, NY Dairies (Lakeview Canandaigua Dairy)
Canastota, NY Dairies (Country Creamer)
Chenango Bridge, NY Dairies (J. R. Pierson & Sons)
Cobleskill, NY Dairies (Mountain Dairy)
Chittenango, NY Dairies (Gates Homestead Farms)
Deposit, NY Dairies (J. M. Briggs)
Dewitt, NY Dairies (Fairbanks Farms)
Endicott, NY Dairies ( Endicott Johnsons Workers Store, Cornell’s Dairy, Goodrich Milk Co., Magic City Ice & Milk Co.)
Elmira, NY Dairy (Chamberlains)
E. Aurora, NY Dairies ( Helen Mary Farm Dairy)
Elma, NY Dairies (Brigg’s Dairy)
Fulton, NY Dairies (E. K. Rowlee)
Fayetteville, NY Dairies (Palmer Homestead)
Groton, NY Dairies (J. H. Portzline)
Gouverneur, NY Dairies (Mercers Jersey)
Gloversville, NY Dairies (Quality)
Homer, NY Dairies (Browns, Bells Milk Co.)
Himrod, Ny Dairies (Bellview Dairy)
Herkimer, NY Dairies ( Lovier’s Dairy, Supreme)
Hornell, NY Dairies (Junes Dairy Baby Face)
Ilion, NY Dairies (Shelly’s Farms)
Ithaca, NY Dairies (Cornell University)
Lyon Mountain, NY Dairies (Camp Alyukpa)
Marathon, NY Dairies (Albert Zurbruegg, George Carrigan, Zurbruegg & Carrigan Bottle Caps)
Moravia, NY Dairies (Vans)
Mohawk, NY Dairies (Supreme)
Monticello, NY Dairies ( Pelton’s Dairy)
Morrisville, Caz & Hamilton, NY Dairies (Tri Valley Dairies)
Newfield, NY Dairies (W. J. Payne & Sons)
New Woodstock, NY Dairies (Mathews)
New York, NY Dairies (Waddington Milk Co.)
Norwich, NY Dairies (Silver Farms, Sisson‘s Dairy, Paris D. Barnes, E. W. Henry, Aldrich Dairy)
Oneida, NY Dairies (Dewan Dairy)
Oneonta, NY Dairies (Hamilton Farms, Meridale)
Rochester, NY Dairies ( Blue Ribbon Dairy, Keiser Dairy, Blue Boy -Sparkle)
Rome, NY Dairies (Isenekers)
Smithville Flats, NY Dairies (Tarbell Guernsey Milk)
Sherburne, NY Dairies (Sisson’s, E. L. Wilcox)
Skaneateles, NY Dairies (R. J. Murphy & Sons)
Syracuse, NY Dairies (Bellview Dairy, Brookfield Dairy, E. L. Gratzer Dairy, Gedney Dairy, Marble Farms, Mathews, Netherlands, Onondaga Milk, Pendell Dairy, Schwartz Farms, Seneca Dairy Corp., Valley Dairy)
Schenectady, NY Dairies (Pine Grove)
Sidney, NY Dairies (Spencer Milk)
Utica, NY Dairies (Hamelines Dairy)
Venice Center, NY Dairies (Woodsmill Dairy)
Whitney Point, NY Dairies (Brooklawn Farms, )
Willow Point, NY Dairies (Hazard Lewis Farms)
Watertown, NY Dairies (Rutland Hills, Taskett Farms)
W. Winfield, NY Dairies (Gatesdale Dairy)
Walton, NY Dairies (Meadow Brook)
No Town Bottles etc:
Hatchland Dairy
Norman’s Kill Farm Dairy
Pasteurized Dairy “For Mothers Who Care”
Lackawanna Francisco & Sons
Interlaken Milk & Cream Co. Leslie A. Cronk
A Bottle of Milk Is A Bottle Of Health (Milk Bottle)
PA. Milk Bottles:
Rice Pure Guernsey Milk - Monroeton Montdale, Pa Dairies (Montdale Dairy)
Peckville, PA Dairies (Hill Top Farms)
Front Royal, VA Dairies (Hyde Dairy)
Heuerton, PA Dairies (Brookfield Baby Face)


De Laval Scarce Tin Advertising Cow & Calf Figures, Another Rare Set of De Laval Cow & Calf in Original Packaging, Framed Photo of Marathon, NY Milk Depot, Unusual Painted Pine Milk Bottle Drying Rack, Several Early Drop Handle Milk Cans, Surge Milkers, Several Early Surge Milker Adv. Metal Signs, Early Tin Ice Cream Maker, Cream Separator Apparatus, Early Tin Milk Pails etc.

Fruit Jars & Related:

The Hero, Millville Atmospheric - Whitall’s Patent, Eagle, Crown Cordial Extract Co., Cohansey, Gem, Lightning, W.W. Lyman40 -1864, Telephone, The Daisy -F.E. Ward & Co., Peerless, Mason Fruit Jar, Woodbury -Woodbury Glass Works, Woodbury, NJ, Whittle Mold Mason Approved Jars, Atlas Special Mason, Early Ball Jar, Climax -1908, Ball Sure Seal Maple Products Jar -St. Johnsbury, VT, Atlas Special Mason (Square Shoulder), Atlas Mason Improved Pat’d (Square Shoulder),Lockport Mason, P. Lorillards ( Rose Scented Maccoboy Snuff), Sev. Nice Early Mason Improved -1858, Atlas Mason Patent in Green & Blue, Honest Mason Atlas, Leotric etc.


Several Saratoga Bottles (Congress Springs Co., Geyser Springs, Saratoga Springs Co., D. A. Knowlton, Hawthorn Springs), Clark & White- New York in Dark Green, Newman’s Pure Gold Baking Powder w/ Cover, Poison Bottles, Bitters Bottles, Ink Bottles, Soda, Spirits etc.,Moxie Nerve Food, Marathon Bottling Works Soda Bottle, Violin Shaped Bottle lt. Blue, 1883 Ink Bottle, Duffy Malt Whiskey Company, Roch. NY, Murphy Beer Bros. Weiss Beer- Syracuse, NY Amber, Forget Me Not Pure Horseradish, A. J. Wintle & Sons Bill Mills-N. N. Ross, Utica Club West End Brewery -Lt. Blue, Mellin’s Infant Food- London, Mellin’s Infant Food- Doilben Goodale & Co. Boston, Warner’s Safe Kidney & Liver Cure, Saw Toothed Pontiled Bottle in Lt. Blue, Isham’s California- Waters of Life, E. D. Morse Greene, NY Medicine Bottle - Clear, Larkin Soap Co., Wm. H. Meseroll & Co. Cough Candy Tablets w/ Cover- Trenton, NJ, 2- 3 Mold Iron Pontil Ink Bottles in Dark & Light Green, green Pontiled Bottle w/ Unusual Flared Top Lip, Oil Bottles (Jay B. Rhodes, Kalamazoo, MI, & Klingman), Unusual Green Ground Bottom Bottle, Dr. Schenck’s Tonic Food - Full in Box, Scott’s Emulsion Tonic Food in Box, Father John’s Cough & Cold in Box, Brockfield Mineral Water Co. (F. M. Pilgrim), Saxlehner Munyadi Janos Bitterquelle -dk Green, The Eagle Bottling Works, Elmira, NY, Dr. J G B Siegert & Sons, Early Champagne Bottle in Dark Green, Ink Bottle Mch 6 ’83, Patented -lt blue, Early Painted Chemung Spring Water Wooden Case, Chemung Spring Water Bottles, Ed Pinaud -Paris Barber Bottle, Thomas Edison Battery Oil Bottle, Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup- Curtis & Perkins, Kunkenheimer Vacuum Oil Bottles, Local Bottles, Mini Bottles etc.


Murano, Millifiori, Floral, Advertising, Political, Colognes, Historical, Fruit, Signed Examples, Wedgwood, Steuben Etc.

Note!! Please Arrange Any Absentee Or Phone Bids Before The Day of Sale. Thank You!!

Preview Starting at 10:30 AM, 12% Buyer’s Premium, Visa, M/C & Discover, Cash or Good Check, Café by “The Sherman House Restaurant” & “Linanis Cookie Factory”

Your Auctioneers:
Jerry Wilcox & Benny Hodkinson

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 After 30 years of running our Business here at Riverbend Antiques, Tom and I have decided to sell out this portion of our business. Our Antique Center is
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We will continue with our well established auction business for years to come

Tom and I wish to thank all our Friends & Patrons who have supported us all these years. We will Miss you all.
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